I hate that the NFL doesn’t allow you to celebrate after scoring a touchdown. The NFL fined Chad Ochocinco $30,00 for wearing a sombrero after he scored a touchdown this pass Sunday.

In a letter the NFL sent this week to Ochocinco, the league wrote, “During the second quarter of the Bengals qame, you were observed gesturing for, and then wearing, a decorative poncho and sombrero in the bench area. …

“Compounding your violation is the fact that your actions were premeditated and deliberate. Prior to the game on your publicly accessible Twitter account, you posted the following: ‘@adam_schefter what I’ve planned for today will get me fined when I score but it’s so worth it.'”

Ochocinco tweeted later Tuesday, “Adam this Sunday when I score I’m taking that loud horn from the Viking mascot and using it<–is that a fine to?”

Ochocinco was fined $20,000 last month for conduct “unbecoming an NFL player” after he flashed a dollar bill at an official during a replay challenge in what he jokingly referred to as a “bribe.”

So petty…

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