Chance the Rapper Back in Court Over Child Support and Parenting Plans


Just days before Chance the Rapper is scheduled to perform at the 2017 Grammy Awards, attorneys for the rapper and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Corley, are set to meet in court on Friday in an effort to settle child support and scheduling for their one-year-old daughter, Kensli.


Chance and Kristen lived together for nearly two years but are now “in the process of establishing separate residences” since deciding to separate.


In court documents, attorneys for the 23 year old rapper are asking the court to “set a child support award below statutory guidelines.”  In the petition Chance’s lawyers argue that “while courts are careful not to limit the amount of child support to the child’s ‘shown needs’ because a child is not expected to live at a minimal level of comfort while the noncustodial parent is living a life of luxury… courts have recognized that ‘a large income does not necessarily trigger an extravagant lifestyle.'”


In layman’s terms, Chance does not mind paying support in an amount that is above the child’s minimal needs, but he also wants to keep it fair. Just because he’s a rapper who’s balling right now, the child support shouldn’t be set at an extravagant amount.


Chance also wants his baby mama to pull her weight in terms of financially supporting their daughter. According to Chance’s lawyers, Kristen is “capable of full-time employment in several capacities.”


Lastly, Chance has asked that the court prevent his ex from leaking an personal information about him and that private mediation be ordered for the two former lovers.


This is the latest in the legal battle over Kensli, which has been going on since February 2016.  When Kensli was just five months old, Kristen took to the courts to have Chance take a paternity test and pay child support. Then in June, the two got it together and came up with a parenting system that required them to live under the same roof.  Last month, Kristen withdrew her previous requests, which made it seem like the two were on the same page. Despite their latest court date, Corley’s lawyers say they are still on a positive path.


“Despite the fact the matter’s back before the court, Miss Corley will continue to foster the relationship between Mr. Bennett and their child and will work towards an amicable resolution of all issues,” Kristen’s lawyer said.

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