Chance The Rapper & Fiancee Return To Court To Settle Custody Agreement Before Getting Married

Before they say “I do,” Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley have a few things to straighten out.

The Blast got a hold of court documents that detailed the custody agreement between the two lovebirds before they got back together. At the time, Kirsten was financially dependent on Chance. She claimed she was unable to own her home (which Chance promised to help with, but didn’t follow through) or get a job, and that Chance’s constant travel schedule limited his assistance with their baby. 

In turn, the rapper said there was no reason for his ex to be jobless because she worked before and even has a degree. The two went back-and-forth before coming to an agreement that suited the “best interests of the minor child.” 

But now, with all of the drama behind them, the engaged couple is ready to move on and get married. However, the change in their lifestyle requires a change in the 2017 custody and child support decision.

Official documents explained, “The parties acknowledge and stipulate that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred such that the financial, decision-making, and parenting time provisions of the parties Allocation Judgment are no longer in the minor child’s best interest.”

The final agreement will be kept confidential.

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