Chance The Rapper Gets Candid About Past Drug Use: "I Probably Would've Died" [Video]

Chance The Rapper Gets Candid About Past Drug Use: “I Probably Would’ve Died” [Video]

In a recent interview, Chance the Rapper opened up about his past drug use during the period when he created his Acid Rap mixtape.

“I probably would’ve died,” the 30-year-old artist said. “Definitely the way that I was livin’ at that time, I had everything in excess. Right after I dropped the project, I went on a few tours where I didn’t really make any money. But then I went on my first tour, my headlining tour, where I made some money, and I went and rented a crib.”

He continued, “This was my first time living outside of my parents’ house in another city and having money and doing a lot of drugs. Like, a lot, a lot, a lot of drugs. And just becoming a different person, like a lesser person than I am now.”

Chance eventually attributed his positive life changes to discovering his “calling to become a better version of himself.” However, during the interview, he acknowledged that if he had not quit using drugs, he would only be known as a person who represents drug use.

Ten years ago, “Acid Rap” was released, which was the EP that propelled the Chicago native to fame. It reached No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and ranked even higher on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums at No. 3. The EP also gave rise to the popular singles “Juice” and “Acid Rain,” which were loved by fans.

Chance previously opened up about overcoming his “dark days” during an episode of “Peace of Mind with Taraji” in October 2021. The 52-year-old actress asked Chance if mental health was a discussed topic in his household growing up, to which he replied, “Wellness wasn’t something that we knew, you know?”

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