Charlamagne Tha God And Wendy Williams Reconnect After Nearly 10-Year-Old Fallout

Wendy Williams and Charlamagne Tha God may be calling it quits on their longstanding beef.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Williams and Charlamagne have spoken, but it seems now the two radio legends are reconnecting amid the host’s split from her husband, Kevin Hunter. 

Apparently, Hunter’s cheating past is connected to Charlamagne, as the Breakfast Club star is the person who introduced the mistress, Sharina Hudson, to Hunter back in the day. But during William’s Wednesday show, the host revealed how she intends on having dinner with Charlamagne. “The invitations for social events keep pouring into my phone and stuff. They really do,” Williams, 54, said. “I was minding my own business last night, reading my book … and all of a sudden my cellphone rings.” The phone call ended up being from DJ Boof, the man who warms up her audience before “The Wendy Williams Show” tapes, asking her out to dinner. The two spoke for a while, hung and then her phone rang again. “It wasn’t Boof — it was Charlamagne [Tha God],” she said as the audience cheered in excitement. “Charlamagne wanted to take me for dinner!”

However, Charlamagne picked the same night and time to take Williams out as Boof. “So Charlamagne says, ‘Well, I know Boof. Why don’t we both take you out?’” she continued. “So, I said, ‘Look, I’m reading, I have my food here. You call Boof.’” She then joked she has a “double date” with Boof and Charlamagne. 

Williams served as a mentor to Charlemagne years ago when the two used to work in radio together. While Charlemagne did introduce Hudson to Hunter for professional reasons, over time Hunter’s relationship with Hudson went from professional, to romantic to obsessive. Charlamagne claimed that Hunter was unusually possessive of Hudson and he became furious with him for introducing her to other men. “Mind you, Kevin was married to Wendy at the time,” Charlamagne said.

Eventually, Hunter and Charlamagne’s relationship grew sour over Hudson, and the two parted ways as friends. But Before that, Hunter demanded Charlamagne never speak to Williams again. Now, in the wake of the split, Williams and Charlamagne have rekindled their friendship, and the Charlamagne even named Hunter Breakfast Club’s “Donkey of the Day, calling Hunter a “clown of legendary proportions” and “grade-A sucker.” He also said he held no ill will toward Williams. “I feel sorry for [Wendy] because she was an abused woman on various levels …” he said.

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