Charlamagne Tha God Talks “Black Men Don’t Cheat,” Wendy Williams & More!

Baller Alert recently caught up with Charlamagne Tha God and he openly shared his thoughts about infidelity and the “Black Men Dont Cheat” movement as well as his friend Wendy Williams’ new relationship and who’s team he’s on in the election.

Charlamagne talked about the newest trending movement, #BlackMenDontCheat, and clarified its origin and meaning. He said comedian Carlos Miller is the originator of the phrase and that it’s a statement to black men NOT to cheat and to change the narrative.

“Honestly my life did get extremely better once I decided to do absolutely right By my wife. My father and all my uncles…all of them ended up getting divorces and I saw how that just ruined the dynamic of our family so I always wanted to do the exact opposite, Charlamagne said. He continued, “Ever since I really, really started being faithful, my skin got clearer, my credit score jumped up…it’s just all about creating an emotionally, mentally and spiritually, healthy lifestyle.”

“Be faithful to your Queen. Take back your power, King,” Charlamagne said as he explained the purpose of the movement. He shared that he believes any man who can resist his sexual urges is a focused man and explained how detrimental infidelity is on the mental health of the black women affected by it. And of course, vice versus. “Just don’t cheat!”

Charlamagne expresses his enthusiasm over the 2020 presidential candidates but did state that if he had to vote today, his choice would be Kamala Harris. “I like Senator Kamala Harris…I like what Tim Ryan talks about when he talks about Mental Health and putting social, emotional learning in schools and therapy and stuff like that. But I’m not super impressed by anybody.” He continued, “I’ll tell you the truth, if I had to vote right now, I would probably vote for Senator Kamala Harris.

He also spoke briefly about Wendy Williams and her new 27-year-old boo. He stated, “She deserves it man. She’s been in jail for the past 30 years.” He continued, “It’s like a person that’s been living at home with their parents and their parents were real, real strict and then when they go off to college, they go through their hoe phase. Let her go through her hoe phase…let her live her life. She deserves it.”

Charlamagne did offer a bit of advice regarding “flaunting” her boy toy around so soon. “I don’t like her flossing the young boy though. Don’t flaunt the young boy around. You don’t wanna make him famous.”

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