Charles Oakley Speaks Out On Knick’s Treatment Toward Spike Lee: “You’re Cheating The People Of New York When You Do Something Like That To A New York Native”

Former Knicks player Charles Oakley is speaking out after film director Spike Lee made claims of mistreatment by New York Knicks owner, James Dolan.

“Spike means a lot to New York,” Oakley stated during a phone interview with the Associated Press. “All the boroughs. He’s a game-changer for black movies, black superstars. He gave a lot of people chances to better themselves. This wasn’t fair.”

Oakley also has had trouble with Dolan in the past.

Back in 2017, Oakley was ejected from a game, due to a verbal altercation with Dolan that not only led to an arrest but an eventual ban from Madison Square Garden.

In an interview with ESPN’s Golic and Wingo show, Oakley described the Knicks organization as “a plantation.”

“You’re cheating the people of New York when you do something like that to a New York native. I know he was born in Georgia, but he’s been here long enough,” Oakley added.

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