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MTV recently unveiled the cast for the Universal Pictures’ “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON”  film that will be in theatres August 14th of this year. The cast includes Jason Mitchell (Eazy-E), O’Shea Jackson Jr. ( Ice Cube), Corey Hawkins (Dr. Dre),  Aldis Hodge ( MC Ren) and Neil Brown Jr. (DJ Yella).

The biographical film will give fans a chance to look at the lives of the west coast group that were the pioneers of what is referred to as Gangsta Rap. These five young men were only telling the stories of life as they knew it. Forming the group N.W.A (N!ggas With Attitudes) , these young men were able to translate the unapologetic truth about life in the hood into a form the world could understand and accept. The film will chronicle the journey of N.W.A , citing their cultural impact on pop culture. For the first time, fans and viewers alike will get to understand why the rebellious music was essential to the progression of rap.


Peep the trailer:

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