Cheetos Dusters Allows People to Add Cheeto Dust to Food Fav's Within Seconds

Cheetos Dusters Allows People to Add Cheeto Dust to Food Fav’s Within Seconds

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Cheetos is releasing its new Cheetos Duster, perfect for those wanting to add a little cheesiness to their turkey.

The Cheetos Duster is a handheld blender made of a glass jar and an orange base. The easy-to-use device can turn the chips into dust within seconds. Users will simply fill the jar with any Cheetos snack, screw it back onto the base and press the power button to begin blending. The Duster must be held at an angle to ensure the chips are crushed into fine dust particles that can be easily sprinkled on any food you choose. 

Amazon is the exclusive retailer for this kitchen must-have. A promo video on the product page demonstrates how to use the Duster. Donuts, chicken, and tacos are seen in the clip with the bright orange crumbs, showing the Duster’s endless possibilities. 

In recent years, Cheetos have been incorporated into various foods, going viral thanks to culinary TikTokers showing off their creations. For those innovators looking to advance these recipes, the Duster is the ideal tool.


who else calls heir air fryer their sous chef? 👀 #cheetos #airfryer #recipevideo #friedpickles #nationalpickleday

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The Cheetos Duster will go on sale on November 21st. Thanks to Amazon Prime, members will get their Duster’s a day or two after ordering. Amazon has also added a Recipe Hub for anyone wanting new ways to use their Duster. 


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