Chef Pii Talks Taking TikTok Viral Pink Sauce to the Next Level with Dave's Gourmet Collaboration
Chef Pii, Pink Sauce creator

EXCLUSIVE: Chef Pii Talks Taking TikTok Viral Pink Sauce to the Next Level with Dave’s Gourmet Collaboration [Video]

Celebrity Chef Pii took the internet by storm with her Pink Sauce, catching the attention of Tiktokers who pushed videos of her indulging in the then home-made dipping sauce into viral status. The videos gained millions of views, with curious users wanting to get their hands on this mystery sauce — and many of them did after it became available for purchase for $20. However, the viral sauce was also met with backlash after people complained about the product’s legitimacy. Still, following all the controversy and being accused of poor food safety precautions, the viral Pink Sauce has now found its way to a brand deal via Dave’s Gourmet.

Chef Pii recently stopped by Baller Alert to talk all things Pink Sauce and also give an update on her new collaboration with Dave’s Gourmet.


Jumping into things, Chef Pii called the product legitimacy accusations that spread across the internet misleading.

“There were grammatical issues and typos that mislead the perception of my audience, and it caused them to create accusations and claims and build up their own stories as to everything that was behind the scenes,” she said.

Being a one-man band also seemed to play a role into some of the early backlash as Chef Pii tried to manage the instant success of the Pink Sauce.

“I’m still a small business while I’m getting millions of views on the internet. Life is still going on. I’m still packing orders, I still made sure the sauce is still manufactured, shipping things out, dealing with marketing and production, and also being the face of my brand,” Chef Pii explained.

As far as the Dave’s Gourmet collab, Chef Pii explained it was a perfect fit for her brand.

“It was exciting, it was like I manifested this, but like wow,” said Chef Pii.

“I could have tweaked things to do it by myself, but I wanted the product to be mass distributed. The Pink Sauce was bigger than me just making it in my kitchen or just sending out three to four hundred orders.”

According to Chef Pii, there won’t be much of a difference between the original Pink Sauce and the sauce consumers will soon be able to purchase. The only change is that the sauce is now vegan.

“I am a chef. Before these mistakes happened– I am a well-respected chef– and Dave’s position is fulfilling manufacturing the sauce to ensure that this is done by experts, the proper way.”

After working with Daves Gourmet, Chef Pii realized what goes into professionally manufacturing a product. She said, “If I had known that the Pink Sauce would have been such a great success, I would have reached out to a distributor or manufacturer before exposing my amazing idea.”

Although Dave’s Gourmet now manufactures the Pink Sauce, Chef Pii says she still has complete creative control over her brand.

“It’s just growth overall, and they’re just here to grow with me.”

A release date has not been announced, but the Pink Sauce will soon be on a store shelf near you.

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