Chicago Barber Arrested For Fatally Shooting His Client After He Refused To Pay For Haircut

Chicago Barber Arrested For Fatally Shooting His Client After He Refused To Pay For Haircut

An Illinois barber shot and killed a customer last week after he refused to pay for his $15 haircut.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Christian McDougald, 31, began arguing with the barbers at Studio 914 in Maywood on Thursday after attempting to avoid paying his bill.

According to Cook County Assistant State Attorney Kevin Meehan, everyone fled except McDougald and business owner Deshon Mcadory as they moved the fight outside. When McDougald followed Mcadory to the back door, Mcadory reportedly shot the customer in the chest.

McDougald was pronounced dead after he was transported to Maywood’s Loyola University Medical Center,

According to Meehan, the incident was caught on camera, and a witness identified Mcadory as the shooter. Investigators uncovered a gun linked to the incident inside Mcadory’s coat and ammunition in his car that matched the bullet casing found at the scene.

Two other guns were discovered at a workstation belonging to Mcadory’s business partner, Samuel Williams, 43.

On Sunday, it was reported that Mcadory was charged with first-degree murder and ordered held in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Mcadory’s lawyer, Anthony Burch, said his client was acting in self-defense because he is a legal gun owner.

According to the report, Burch stated McDougald was the “aggressor,” and Mcadory was “retreating” back into the shop when he shot him.

Williams was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and ordered jailed on a $25,000 bond.


Illinois barber Deshon Mcadory, 40 (left), has been charged with first-degree murder for the killing of his customer Christian McDougald, 31, whom he shot during an argument about payment


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