Chicago Woman Chops Up Landlord, Puts Her Remains In a Freezer Following Eviction Notice
Sandra Kolalou mugshot and Frances Walker

Chicago Woman Chops Up Landlord, Puts Her Remains In a Freezer Following Eviction Notice

A Chicago woman is sitting behind bars after the dismembered body of her landlord was found inside her freezer.

Sandra Kolalou has been hit with several charges related to the disturbing death of Frances Walker, who ran a boarding house where Kolalou lived. Other tenants became concerned when they heard screaming and loud banging at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. One texted Walker’s phone but got no response. Another reported hearing dishes breaking and what sounded like “scratching” noises in the home’s shared quarters. They then began receiving suspicious text messages from Walker’s phone, directing them to give Kolalou their keys if they moved out.

The tenants reported Walker missing but said they were too afraid to call 911 because Kolalou had threatened harm to them in the past. Eventually, a missing person report was filed. Police responded to calls for a welfare check Tuesday night in the 5900-block of North Washtenaw Avenue. During their search, the officers discovered blood throughout the home, including on knives and in the bedroom. Upon opening the freezer, they located more blood along with Walker’s severed head, arms, and legs. Her torso remains missing. Kolalou refused to speak with authorities about the grim findings.

Even after she was taken into custody, Kolalou refused to cooperate and has not disclosed any information or a motive. However, detectives do know that Walker served Kolalou with an eviction notice in the days before her murder, which likely set the woman off.

Kolalou was charged with first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death. She is also facing a misdemeanor count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a separate incident where she pulled a knife on a tow truck driver shortly after Walker’s death. She was ordered held without bond.

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