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NC Chick-Fil-A Receives Massive Fine Over ‘Volunteer’ Program That Paid Worker With Food

A Chick-Fil-A franchise received a hefty fine for illegally paying workers in meal vouchers instead of cash.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently fined a Hendersonville, North Carolina, Chick-Fil-A location $6,685 for violating a number of labor laws.

The DOL recently did an investigation on the franchise and found certain employees ordered to direct traffic were paid with meal vouchers.

The federal agency also found that CFA employed three teenagers under the age of 18 to operate, load and unload a trash compactor. The teenagers’ tasks violate the rule that prohibits minors from performing hazardous jobs.

“Child labor laws ensure that when young people work, the work does not jeopardize their health, well-being or educational opportunities,” Richard Blaylock, one of DOL’s Division Director says. “In addition, employers are responsible to pay workers for all of the hours worked and the payment must be made in cash or legal tender.”

Nevertheless, the franchise dismissed the allegations, claiming that the individuals chose to “volunteer” freely.

“We’ve had multiple people sign up and enjoy doing and have done it multiple times. People who sign up for this chose it voluntarily,” the franchise responded.

The franchise advertised the position in a now-deleted Facebook post asking for “volunteers” for its drive-thru. The post also said that the volunteers could “Earn five free entrees per shift (1 hr) worked.”

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