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Chicken Tenders At Risk Of Extinction Due To Global Shortage

With the costs of food is soaring thanks to inflation, chicken tenders are at risk of being wiped out.

If you check with your local grocer, you’ll find that chicken tenders may not be in stock. That is because the global supply chain issues have left them limited. Experts also attribute the shortage of chicken tenders to the fact that they require more processing and packaging. If a grocery store does have them in stock, the price has noticeably increased. According to the Department of Agriculture, the typical cost for a value pack of chicken tenders has increased from approximately $3.02 to $3.99 in the United States.

Many restaurants that serve chicken have been forced to exclude tenders from their marketing campaigns to avoid running out of them. In September, fast-food chain KFC stopped promoting their breaded chicken tenders due to the shortage. Earlier this year, chicken staple, Bojangles, announced that their beloved Chicken Supreme tenders were not available at many locations.

As the Biden administration works overtime to mend the global supply crisis, families who depend on chicken tenders to appease their picky eaters may want to find another alternative.

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  1. The person that wrote this headline should be ashamed. Extinction is not the same as a shortage, stop trying to create drama from a simple news story.

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