Chief Keef’s Baby Mother Wants Him To Pay Child Support Or Go To Jail

The mother of Chief Keef’s child wants him thrown in jail for his financial negligence as a father.

November 20th, Chief Keef’s ex filed court documents in her child support case requesting the judge have him jailed for not keeping up payments for their child. Erica Early, 43, shares a daughter with the 23-year-old rapper; the baby girl was born in 2013.

Erica previously sued the Chicago native for paternity and child support months after the child’s birth. Eventually, a judge ordered that he pay $2,500 a month. Back in 2014, a judge issued a warrant for Keef after he neglected to pay child support.

Early is now asking that a judge put Keef in jail. Keef has a hearing scheduled for December 14.

The rapper has four children by four different women, The Blast reports.

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