Child Spotted Working In Kitchen Of Understaffed Popeyes In Texas

With the disturbing events that took place during the return of the infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich, you can now add another incident to the list.

According to the Daily Mail, a customer spotted an underaged child, appearing to be between the age of 8 to 9-years-old, working in the kitchen of a Texas Popeyes location. The restaurant was understaffed and the customer alleged that there were orders in bags not being distributed. All of the employees, including the underage child, were in the kitchen making orders instead.

“The child was handling raw chicken before giving it to a male staff worker who went on to cook it,” said the customer who captured photos of the incident on his phone.

A spokesperson from Popeyes stated, “We took swift action to explore this claim with the franchisee. The restaurant owner has terminated the employee who brought their child, a minor, into the kitchen and will fully cooperate with any additional investigations in compliance with state and federal laws.”

“The safety of our guests and team is always a priority for us and we take any actions that are outside of our brand and operational standards very seriously.”

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