A Girl Went Viral After Getting Chlamydia In Her Lungs From Vaping

A girl went viral on TikTok after contracting chlamydia in her lungs from smoking the wrong vape cartridge. The video has over 2 million views. In the video, she is playing the “put a finger down” challenge.

“So, put a finger down if, um, in October, you got super, super sick with pneumonia. You tried to tell everybody in your family that you felt like it was something more than that. Then you tried to tell the doctors and the hospitals that it was something more than that. Meanwhile, you suffered from a fever for almost 13 days. Nobody believed you. They just kept testing you for COVID, testing you for antibodies, testing you for hepatitis, literally anything — everything was negative. Finally, it comes back that you have chlamydia in your lungs from vaping and smoking a bad cart.”

Vaping Compromised The Girls Lungs And Prolonged Her Recovery.

The infection came from a Salt Nicotine vape. Some people are questioning how true the girl’s statement is. In addition, other users commented to share the illnesses they’ve contracted from wrong vape cartridges. Buzzfeed interviewed Dr. Luis Chug, quadruple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

“The Chlamydia family contains a total of 11 species, 3 of which can infect humans: C. Pneumoniae, C. Trachomatis, and C. Psittaci. The only ones that can cause infection in adults’ lungs are C. Pneumoniae and C. Psittaci — the latter is less common and from birds,” Dr. Chug said.

According to Dr. Chug, Chlamydia Pneumoniae is not an STD. The infection is commonly transferred from person to person through respiratory droplets and small particle aerosolization. “It is believed that most cases have no symptoms, but those who do develop symptoms tend to have mild ones, such as cough, shortness of breath, and fever. I would say if you’re going to vape, only purchase your pens and cartridges from a reputable source. After that, don’t share your pen with anyone else, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dr. Chug said.


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