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Chloe Bailey Speaks On Controversial “Swarm” Sex Scene; “I Was Doing My Job” [Video]

The beautiful Chloe Bailey may be the topic of discussion following her steamy sex scene in Swarm,” but the singer is not bothered one bit by the backlash.

The “Have Mercy” singer sat down with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” where she addressed the scene with Damson Idris. While the world might be in shock, Bailey says she simply showed up to work.

“I was doing my job,” the 24-year-old stated. 

The Grammy-nominated artist says she wasn’t revealing anything that her fans have never seen before from her. On set, Bailey’s top half was covered, with only her thighs and bottom portion partially exposed.

Bailey’s time in Chloe x Halle with her sister, Halle Bailey, has garnered a cookie-cutter image of sorts. The two began their careers as child actors, and as with most young stars, not everyone accepts them blossoming into adulthood. Since embarking on her solo music career, Bailey has gotten slack from critics who believe she should be more conservative in her appearance and music, especially given her affiliation with mentor Beyonce. With “Swarm” showcasing a more sexual depiction of Bailey, the criticism has only intensified. Thankfully, she has a thick skin and is not letting the chatter get her down.

“I think people just kinda gotta remember I’m an adult, and I’m an artist,” Bailey added.

In a separate chat with Deadline, Bailey shared that Idris made her comfortable while shooting her first love scene. She did confirm there was a ball in between them, which prevented any skin-to-skin action. 

Glad to know that Bailey was comfortable in the moment, given the think pieces and disdain that followed.

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