Chloe x Halle Speak On Black Lives Matter, Beyoncé’s Influence & Fashion Individuality In New Vogue Interview

Chloe x Halle recently spoke with Vogue following their Fendi collaboration. During their interview, they touched on everything from their activism, to how their mentor Beyoncé has inspired them.

On the Black Lives Matter movement, the sisters said that the movement is something that they live day in and day out.

Chloe explained, “For my sister and I, it’s something we can’t turn on and turn off because it’s our everyday lives. It’s our livelihood. We have always grown up knowing because we are Black women. I am very happy and grateful that the world is finally paying attention to this underlying racism that has been going on for years and years, and I’m hopeful that change will finally happen.” She went on to explain that being black women in the industry motivates them to stand up for all black women. “Just my sister and I going out there and creating in a male-dominated industry, and letting our voices be heard; we’re standing for all Black women and our brothers. Just being ourselves and letting them know that you can do anything you put your mind to. We’re always thinking about that and how we can uplift our community in any way we possibly can.”

The duo, who was discovered by Queen Bey herself, said that the “Lemonade” singer not only motivates them but also motivates nearly everyone who is familiar with her, as explained by Halle.

“I feel like Beyoncé collectively teaches everyone who is a fan of her. She’s always been our inspiration since we were younger, so being able to be on this journey with her and have her guide us along as a fairy godmother is really beautiful. Just being on tour with her and watching how hard she works every single night—she gives it 150%. It’s like, wow, somebody can literally be better than a machine, and still be such a humble and beautiful person inside and out.” She added, “I truly believe the reason she is where she is today is because she has such a great heart and is just a kind, regular person. Those people get the farthest in life. We’re always being taught things by her. She had very positive feedback for this album. She barely had any critical notes. She was just congratulating us and saying how proud of us she is in this project. We’re really happy to have her support.”

The sisters also touched on how their individual style surprisingly differs from one another.

“Our style has always been different from each other because we both have really different body types. For me, I don’t have as many curves; my beautiful sister has an amazing bum. I always try to wear whatever makes me feel comfortable and brings out my petite little curves. I’m always trying to dress up my body in that way. I feel like my sister is really expressive when it comes to her style,” Halle explained before Chloe chimed in, “For me, it just depends on the day. Some days I want to feel a lot more edgy and sexy, and other days I want to feel flirty, cute, and cuddly. It really depends on my mood. That’s what being a woman is all about, having different layers to yourself and being able to change—being strong yet delicate at the same time.”

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