‘Chocolate Prison Bae’ Lands Modeling Contract

Mekhi Alante Lucky gave a whole new meaning to the name ‘prison bae‘ after his mugshot went viral earlier this year. The internet admitted to having a major crush on the bad boy. The North Carolina native has a unique look as he was born with a rare feature called heterochromia, which means he has two different eye colors: one brown and the other blue.
Twenty year old Mekhi was arrested last year for driving and speeding in a stolen vehicle. His criminal record also includes alleged assault on a woman, alleged breaking and entering and resisting an officer. That’s not all, he also has two misdemeanor violations of his parole.
While his background may be a little intimidating to some, an Atlanta-based modeling agency wasn’t phased by his criminal past one bit as they signed him based on his sexy mugshot. For someone with no prior modeling experience, ‘chocolate prison bae’ is definitely serving looks in front of the camera!

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