Chris Bosh Claiming Residency in Texas To Avoid Paying His Baby Momma 30k A Month in Child Support



We have been trying to keep up with this nasty child support battle between Chris Bosh and Baby Momma Number 1 Allison Mathis. Currently Allison is receiving 2600 a month in child support and she lost her job. She is struggling to pay her mortgage and had to apply for public assistance.


According to Stilleto Jill:


Bosh recently filed court papers in an Orlando courtmaintaining his state of residence as Texas not Florida where he and his wife own a 12,000 sq. foot mansion worth $12 million.


Instead, Bosh is claiming a home in Dallas as his main residence. This home is around 1,900 sq. feet and worth about $73,000. What’s the benefit in that you ask? Bosh currently pays Mathis $2600 a month in child support, a shift in residency would make Mathis eligible for 3% of his monthly take home pay, around $30,000 a month.

I’m sure the judge will see right through this. Someone making that type of money would not be living in a house worth 73k.

He plays entirely toooooooooo much… shame on him.

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