Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Says She’s Struggling, Bosh Won’t Help & He Is A Totally Different Person Now

In a recent interview with Gossip Extra Alison Mathis, the mother of Chris Bosh’s daughter, explains why she had to go on Food Stamps, her and Chris’ plans to get married and how Chris did not allow her to do Basketball Wives, keeping her from a large amount of money. A lot of people will argue that she should have gotten married first and she may not have been in the situation she is currently in. I’m going to keep my opinion to myself on that one because I think there is a lot more to the story in regards to why he didn’t put  a ring on it. Check out the videos below. Do you sympathize with Alison or do you think she’s just being lazy?

Part 1

Part 2


So what do you think? As a side note, I just wanted to discuss the family photo above of Chris Bosh, his wife Adrienne and his daughter. Am I the only person that would have rose hell over this? I personally don’t feel that there are any circumstances where a child who already has a mother, with whom she lives with full time, should be taking a family photo with her “step mother”. Not only that, but why isn’t her dad holding her? The whole photo seems like it’s for show but I find it a bit disrespectful. Maybe if it was just Chris and his daughter, yes, but there was no real reason for Adrienne to be in the pic holding the baby like she pushed her out her birth canal herself. Your thoughts?

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