Chris Bosh’s Texas Residency Questioned By Florida Court

Bosh’s baby mama was on her job when she hired her attorney, Jane Carey,  who is now contradicting Bosh’s claims that he is a Texas resident in order to keep his child support payments low. Allison’s attorney is making Bosh look like a lying idiot in court. Check out what Gossip Extra‘s assessment of the hearing.

After claiming repeatedly that he is a Texas resident, Bosh read out loud an affidavit he signed in 2010 to obtain the mortgage from Deutsche Bank. The affidavit was to swear he had the intention to make his North Bay Road home his primary residence — and therefore become a Florida resident!

So why is Bosh, who’s been playing for the Heat for two seasons, so adamant that he is a Texan through and through?

If baby mama Allison Mathis is able to prove that Bosh really lives in Florida, Orange County Judge Robert Evans could then order Bosh to pay much more in child support.

Incidentally, while Bosh has not apply for homestead exemption in Miami Beach, he doesn’t have an exemption on the suburban Dallas home he claims as his lawful residence.

Bosh applied for the tax-saving exemption in Texas last week.

While questioned by Mayanne Downs, his lawyer, the 28-year-old Bosh also admitted to not having a Florida driver’s license.

“What do you mean you never had a Florida driver’s license?” the judge asked. “Are you aware that the state of Florida requires anyone living in the state for more than 30 days to have a Florida driver’s license?”

On his way out of the courtroom, Bosh declined comment but grimaced when I asked him about Mathis’ lawyer portraying him as liar.

Judge Evans could render his decision by the end of September.

Seems as if Chris is getting caught up in what we already knew was a lie. See what happens when you go through the most to avoid responsibility?

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