Chris Brown Accuser Claims Alleged Rape Was ”Brutal and Violent” and “Went On For 25 to 30 Minutes” In Detailed Interview; Chris Brown Denies Allegations

The woman who accused Chris Brown of rape is officially speaking out about the alleged incident, as the superstar singer maintains his innocence.

In a recent interview with French tabloid magazine, Closer, the woman, who was identified as a 24-year-old French model under the alias Karima, said she met Brown on January 15th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel before the group went to the club. 

“Around 4a, they all wanted to go back to the hotel,” Karima continued, claiming she wanted to go home but “one of Chris Brown’s friends grabbed me by the arm and convinced me to join them.” 

She said she was then taken to Brown’s car, “along with some other girl,” and driven back to the Mandarin Oriental, where the singer’s bodyguard confiscated everyone’s phone. 

“I first thought it was weird, but it didn’t really alarm me,” she recalled of the night, adding that there was alcohol, cocaine, and weed in the vicinity. Although, “there were approximately 15 other girls and friends of Chris Brown’s,” she said, things took a turn for the worse when she went to the bathroom. 

“Chris Brown followed me and grabbed me by the arm. He took me inside a tiny room resembling a closet. He closed the door….it went on for 25 to 30 minutes,” she said, adding: “it was brutal and violent. He was being threatening and aggressive. I was scared.” 

“I thought this guy was going to get me to the bodyguard so I could have my cellphone back, but that’s not what he did,” Karima said, claiming she was then “dragged” into a friend’s bedroom and raped. 

“He locked the door and raped me. Then it was the same thing with the bodyguard,” she said, as she cried. But, as she continued to explain, she said she then told everyone she needed to leave “because it was a school night.” 

“I was crying. I was in shock. I took my cell phone and I left,” she said. 

Although it took the woman two days to come forward with allegations, she said she plans to “go through with the procedure,” because she “was raped three times by three different men. It’s unbearable.” 

In the meantime, sources close to Brown have denied all the allegations, claiming he wasn’t even in the room when the incident occurred.

And on top of that, he says his girlfriend was present the entire time and two other women, who claimed to have been present, have taken to Instagram to clear Brown’s name as well.

(Photo by Ser Baffo/Getty Images for BET)

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