Chris Brown Claps Back After Being Compared To Sixers’ Ben Simmons

Someone on Twitter drew comparisons between Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons and R&B superstar Chris Brown in the most unflattering way. The tweet basically insinuated that the singer has been stagnant for the entirety of his career by comparing him to the average Simmons.

“Chris Brown really is the R&B Ben Simmons,” the tweet in question read. “no progression no decline….just the same ole sh*t a** musician.”

The tweet began circulating on the internet, as controversial tweets often do, and Breezy caught wind of the insulting comparison. He went off.

“Y’all p*ssy ass n*ggas gone stop playing wit me like I ain’t better than any n*ggas u can possibly think of… BASKETBALL A TEAM sport n*gga,” Brown wrote in a now-deleted comment under an Instagram post.

“You f*ck ass lil n*ggas better watch sport center because you’ll lose count watching my paper. Now go ask ya momma who ya real daddy is.”

Breezy has undoubtedly been a lot more successful at making hits than Simmons has been at playing basketball, but is the comparison really that bad? Although having experienced troubleshooting, Simmons has improved his game. Despite getting hurt, Simmons finished top five in Defensive Player of the Year voting last season.

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