Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Take Their Fight To Dubai

Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Take Their Fight To Dubai


Chris Brown and Soulja Boy genuinely dislike each other, that part is no act. However, when these two actually come to blows, they want to make sure they make a pretty penny off of it. That’s why they’ve decided to take their highly anticipated boxing match to Dubai.


Sources tell TMZ that the two artists want to run the fight on Pay-Per-View, and initially wanted it to take place in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, due to rules and regulations in Vegas that include drug testing amateur fighters, that will be pretty impossible.  So, to maximize their coin and make sure the show goes on, they want to take the event overseas.


The source says that the first choice for a location is Dubai. Supposedly Chris and Soulja have both discussed donating proceeds to charity, but reportedly could still be keeping a few dollars for themselves.

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