Chris Brown and Usher Trend On Twitter After a Verzuz Battle Between Them Was Suggested

Since yesterday’s first Verzuz battle of the year with Ashanti vs. Keyshia Cole, Black Twitter, has been in an uproar about the possibility of a Chris Brown Vs. Usher battle.

Everyone knows that they’re both two icons that dominated the R&B charts as well as bust a few dance moves.

Both Chris Brown and Usher are currently trending on Twitter because Black Twitter seems to believe that one could beat the other in a Verzuz battle.

If a Chris Brown Vs. Usher battle was ever to happen, fans wouldn’t even know how to act.

one fan tweeted: “Me if Chris Brown do a Verzuz”

Another fan posted a video in different parts to prove how nobody could see Breezy in a Verzuz battle.

He tweeted, “Nobody is seeing Chris Brown in a #verzuzbattle Pt 1.”

He explained, “The fact everybody know every single song on this video. That just says it all. Chris Brown was our generations MJ. A true fucking legend. He don’t need to battle nobody they should just have a appreciation show for all his hard work. Cause he shitting on whoever he battles”

Some fans were just happy that Chris Brown was trending for a positive reason:

Other Fans and Twitter users couldn’t believe that Usher was even being compared to Chris Brown.

One user tweeted: “Another night of y’all playing with Usher Raymond…. is it every Verzuz? Is it every Verzuz y’all do this?”


Another fan tweeted: “Usher has hits in three different decades and multiple Moesha cameos but y’all want him to do a Verzuz with Chris Brown.”

@bakari_sellars tweeted: “I’ve been witnessing some slander on the TL against @Usher. I would like to be clear, Confessions is one of the greatest R&B albums of all-time. It should also be stated, Confessions is better than any Chris Brown album to date. Lastly he would dominate a #verzuzbattle.”

Unfortunately for us, Breezy said he would never do a Verzuz battle, but if you had to choose, who would be your winner?



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