Chris Brown’s Lawyers Drop Him In Alleged Home Rape Case, Attorneys Say Singer Failed To Meet Contract Obligations

Chris Brown has been dropped by the lawyers who were defending him in his case involving an alleged rape that took place in his home.

On Monday, The Blast reported that the 30-year-old singer’s legal representation is no longer interested in defending the celeb and have filed motions requesting they be released from the case. The case stems from a 2017 incident, in which a woman who filed the lawsuit under the name Jane Doe, claimed that she was sexually assaulted during a party that took place at Brown’s Tarzana home. She claimed she was assaulted by Brown’s friend Lowell Grissom Jr.

In the filing, the woman alleged that Brown tried to give her cocaine, marijuana, and molly before Grissom took advantage of her. But now, in Newly filed documents from one of Brown’s lawyers, Blair Berk, claims the singer failed to meet his obligations under their contract. The Blast reports that Berk’s firm was brought on to assist with Brown’s primary lawyer, Zia Modabber.

“Over the past several months, Mr. Brown has not met his material obligations under the terms of our engagement letter and has rendered it unreasonably difficult for Tarlow & Berk to carry out the representation effectively. Our relationship with Mr. Brown has come to a point where Tarlow & Brown and I can no longer adequately defend or represent him,” Berk said in a statement. Berk says she never had the singer’s number and would only communicate with him via his manager, Ant Wilson. Modabber followed suit along with Berk by also filing to drop Brown. She said she too experienced the same issues with Brown.

Jane Doe accused Brown of showing off firearms during the party and carrying a gun in his waistband in her original lawsuit. The Blast reports that Brown was ordered to turn over all the numbers he used since February 23, 2017, but he has argued against it, claiming Jane Doe only wants to harass him. The case is still ongoing.

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