Chris Brown’s Mom Says His Friends Made Him A Thug

In other “Water Is Wet” news, Chris Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins says Chris is a thug, thanks to the company he keeps. Mama Brown (that’s what I’m calling her from now on) is not here for Chris’ thuggish friends and says they’re only around for money and fame. She also says they are the ones who have him addicted to weed, this according to a close source.


According to Mama Brown, Chris’ behavior has caused a rift in their relationship. Plus, his drug use had gotten so bad, that he would be high regularly when she saw him. Mama Brown says she is fed up with Chris’ disrespectful behavior. Could the rock through the car window be the last straw?


We’ve been saying the same thing about Chris’ friends for at least 2 years. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that once Chris started kicking it with gang members, that would eventually cause a problem for him. Mama Brown must also stop deflecting. You can’t place ALL the blame on his friends. At least one of those fingers have to point back at yourself. Here’s to hoping Chris gets it together before it’s too late.

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