Christian Keyes Likes A Tweet Saying Tyler Perry Isn't His Abuser
Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes Appears to Confirm That Tyler Perry Was Not the Hollywood ‘Powerful Man’ Who Harassed Him

It looks like Christian Keyes wants to clear Tyler Perry’s name.

Days after Keyes went live to detail years-long sexual harassment at the hands of a powerful billionaire, he liked a tweet about Perry not being his harrasser.

“Watching Christian Keyes & can tell he is clearly a victim…only $3 grand to his name & violated by a gay billionaire. & no, I don’t believe it was TP…I wish Christian would have taken action…that man will still have his money & good name & Christian will remain broken,” the tweet read.

In case you missed it, the actor held a livestream on Instagram to speak out about a wealthy figure in the film industry who frequently made passes at him and even offered him $100,000 to strip and once tried grabbing his penis. Keyes claimed this individual was somebody who was greatly loved, and revealing their identity would have a significant impact on the entertainment industry. This sparked massive debates on social media regarding who it might be. Many believed the culprit was none other than Perry. Keyes rose to fame through his work on the early “Madea” plays. He is also the creator of the BET series “All The Queen’s Men,” which Perry executive produces. Therefore, it’s unlikely that he was referring to Perry, though it’s possible.

For now, Keyes is not revealing the name. Instead, he is planning to turn over audio recordings of the person’s voice to police. Perry has not commented publicly on the matter.

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  1. Christian Keyes did not in any manner confirm or imply that Tyler Perry is not the culprit. He simply liked the comment. Yall need to stop lying!!! But I guess it gets clicks right!?

    • Of Course its Tyler Perry!!! I knew once he said black billionaire in control. I always knew he was gay( love pretending to be a woman) and hiring many more eye candy men than women. Facts, its Tyler!!! LOL.

  2. …because everything everyone puts on social media is the absolute truth.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you Christen and you right people are not going to want to accept it. This is a heavy burden to carry… I will unite with you in prayer for God to put a stop to this madness. Unfortunately, film and television has become a very powerful and massive force of evil and negative influence in this world. Eradicating all the good and positivity it should be giving us like only a rare few in today’s time do.

  4. I don’t think it’s Tyler Perry and if he did something like that he really needs to apologize.

  5. Why would a man ,knowing that he isn’t gay , get drunk at this gay man party , for me he himself was setting himself up ,so he can have a story,then to record a private conversation ,nope he planned it all that way. I as a woman being sexually harass by men , I stay far away from those who wanted to get with me. I never give them a chance and I always told them ,if you not going to educated me don’t speak to me . Men think about sex one hundred time in one day . A gay man is no difference, he a man , so you trap yourself by getting nice and drunk to tease the man and to created a story or possibly a lawsuit or pay out . You got the pay out , but me being that gay billionaire will never come near you or work with you ever again. Wouldn’t wanted to see the sight of you. You are dirty down and there no words to describe the kind of person you are , Then to mention God when your action have nothing to do with God but Satan himself .you was let greedy get the best of you and your heart and you trap this billionaire in a way the devil works . So for me your day will come because pay back is a bitch and God don’t stay with anyone uglyness .

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