Christmas On The Beach: When Mother Nature Doesn’t Like Traditions

Christmas On The Beach: When Mother Nature Doesn’t Like Traditions

In every Christmas story, every Christmas movie, every Christmas video, there’s always a beautiful, white, snowy setting with children making snowmen, couples ice skating, snow-covered mountains and families snuggled in front of fireplaces…the typical Christmas-y vibe. 

But some parts of the country (and world), can’t relate to any of the traditional Christmas activities. They’ve had 80 degree Christmas mornings their entire life and can only imagine having a snowball fight during holiday vacation.

In Florida, the temperature in December ranges from a low of 39 degrees to a high of 82 degrees and according to NOAA National Climatic Data Center the warmest US city in December is Miami, where maximum temperature averages 78 degrees Fahrenheit. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Christmas in Florida is usually celebrated outside, where the kids can enjoy their toys in the sunshine, wearing tank tops and shorts. Some people go to the beach on Christmas because the weather is just that perfect.

Cancun, Barbados and the Dominican Republic are ranked as the hottest places during the month of December, along with many parts of Africa and most of the Canary Islands. Ain’t no Frosty The Snowman, bih.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t snow and is usually nice and warm for the holidays, what are some things you do on Christmas Day? What Christmas traditions have you made that your snowy counterparts can’t relate to?

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