Ciara Says She Never Put Them Paws On Chelsea Handler

In recent months comedian Chelsea Handler has made a few claims regarding her relationship with 50 Cent and the cause of their split. The number one cause, Chelsea says, was a psycho Ciara. Ciara recently sat down for an interview with Big Boy’s neighborhood where she says the story was fabricated.

What happened with Chelsea?

I don’t know, you tell me.[…]Well, you know what? I did, I actually did hear something she said. I’m not going to act like I didn’t hear anything but I can honestly say that whatever she said that I supposedly said or whatever she was told, I never said. So either she was misinformed or she was creating her own fun thing. It seems like she’s always very fun and wild and very personable so I’m assuming she created her own story and breakdown of it all.

So you never had to put hands on her?

Put hands on her for what? We don’t fight over dudes but I did find — I gotta say while you’re speaking on it — I found it very funny the things that she was saying and found it interesting that she went there with it.

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