Claudia Jordan Claims Her Ex, Who Is Phaedra Parks’ Current Boyfriend, Physically Abused Her

Claudia Jordan claims her ex-boyfriend, who is now with Phaedra Parks, physically abused her.

It’s been years since Jordan, and her ex #MedinaIslam have been together, and throughout that entire time, Jordan has kept a dark secret about their former relationship. Islam is now with RHOA star, Parks, and the two appeared together on the hit reality series Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Now, Jordan is opening up about how Islam brutally attacked her, saying she was inspired to speak out after Megan Thee Stallion confirmed that Tory Lanez shot her.

“We got into an argument, I grabbed his phone, and he was wrestling it out of my hand. And this is the first time that I’ve ever said this. Because you know what, I got inspired by Meg Thee Stallion. I been holding on to this six, for five years, almost five years, four years,” said Jordan on Fox Soul show “Cocktails with Queens.” ”And he body-slammed me into a toilet, broke it in half, and it cracked the porcelain, and the water went everywhere.”

She continued: “I kept that to myself. I never called the police on him. I stayed in bed for four days with back spasms. And we protect these Black men, and guess what is there a ‘thank you,” is there an ‘I’ll never do it again,’ an ‘I’ll get help’? No, there’s nothing. There’s an arrogance when we protect them. So f*ck them. I’m not protecting anyone that hurts me. If you rape one of my friends, if you hit one of my friends, if you hit me – I’m not making any excuse. It ain’t her fault for what she had on, it ain’t her fault for yelling at you. If yelling at you, makes you square up on a woman, then f*ck you. You’re a h*e ass, b*tch ass man.”

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