Claudia Jordan Files Lawsuit Against Wine Company After It Allegedly Severed Ties Over Her Support for Black Lives Matter

Claudia Jordan is suing wine company Biagio Cru and Estate Wines, which produces Just Peachy, for allegedly firing her over her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jordan, 37, has filed a lawsuit against Biagio Cru and Estate Wines, claiming the company fired her back in 2018 because she supports Black Lives Matter and speaks out against police brutality. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jordan allegedly signed off on a deal with the company back in 2016, which said that she would promote Just Peachy. In return, she would receive 3 percent ownership of the brand and 3 percent of all the money it earns.

However, in the filing, Jordan claimed that the company tried to sever their agreement, cut ties with her and stop paying her in 2018. She mentioned that Biagio commented on one of her social media posts, calling her views about police brutality “too slanted.” But despite allegedly stopping her payments in 2018, Jordan said the company still uses her likeness and association with Just Peachy for its profit.

On the other hand, the company claimed they ended the partnership for  “legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons, namely, dissatisfaction with Ms. Jordan’s ability to boost sales in relevant markets.” But Jordan believes it was over her views on racial inequality. As a result, Biagio Cru says it will “vigorously defend against the false claims asserted by Ms. Jordan and will pursue any and all appropriate legal actions associated with false and defamatory statements published by Ms. Jordan.”

Claudia Jordan

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