Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump Wanted To Have Sex With Her, Even Though He’s Racist

Claudia Jordan claims that Donald Trump was always nice to her because he wanted to have sex with her, comparing him to men like Thomas Jefferson, a famous slave owner who served as the third president of the United States from 1801 to 1809.

According to TMZ, Jordan, a former model and “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant, talked about her reality show experiences and shared her opinion of Trump on the latest episode of “Political Junkeez” podcast.

While Jordan was clear nothing inappropriate happened between the two of them while they worked together, Claudia does believe he’s a racist, revealing he was only nice to her “because he wanted to f**k.” She even compared him to a slave owner who had sex with his slaves.

“You can still be racist and have sex with a black woman- or want to,” she told the podcast hosts, “I need people to stop with this nonsense.”

Jordan said she didn’t have an issue with Trump’s politics- at first, but explained he did reveal his racist ways with this administration.

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