Claudia Jordan’s Ex Medina Islam Responds To Her Claims That He Allegedly Abused Her

Claudia Jordan claims her ex-boyfriend, who is now with Phaedra Parks, physically abused her. Now, he’s responding.

“I am a lot of things, but one thing I am not is some WWF wrestler body-slamming women across toilets. This is Pathetic, Trifling & Desperate,” Islam wrote in a message on Instagram.

“4yrs ago, I dated Claudia Jordan. It lasted 6months….6months y’all. I got socks and draws older than that. I left her 4 times in 6months because of her mouth and messy ways. On August 28, 2016, I had enough and left for good. She began having a temper tantrum as I left peacefully she grabbed my phone, ran and started flopping all over the house. For 4 years i remained silent, out of respect for you, and to save you your last ounce of dignity. But you have proven to be deeply conflicted and desperately seeking a storyline for blogs. Funny thing is for someone so “top-notch” why are you so obsessed with little ol’ me. I have only known u for 6 months of my life! U have a history of this, and I had enough, so I bounced. This is a joke! U do this to every man that leaves you,” Islam continued.

“You testified against Mike Tyson to have him locked up for rape back in the day. You sued Price is Right for sexual allegations. You snitched on Jaimie Foxx’s private relationship with Katie Holmes and had Entertainment Tonight come to your house so u can publicly apologize. I even tried to help u with your career and filmed a comeback episode for you on Housewives of Atlanta with Cynthia Bailey that never aired because I left you. Why can’t you move on with your life? One thing I don’t care about is fame. But apparently, you do! Could it be that 4yrs ago u were trying to use me to get on Marriage BootCamp and you were rejected? Could it be that you were calling TMZ on yo’ self to stage every paparazzi encounter we ever had? September 10, 2016. You sent some fake carefully cropped bruises, and it backfired when I responded i told u to go file a police report and have me arrested then. U did not! Because it is NOT true! I have no criminal history whatsoever. I haven’t seen or spoken to you in 4 years & now WHEN IM ON A TV SHOW all of a sudden your a domestic abuse victim?” Islam said, ending his post.

This all stems from a conversation that took place on Fox Soul. Jordan accused Medina of being abusive to her when the two dated roughly five years ago. Jordan explained that the former couple had got into an argument, and it then allegedly escalated into a physical altercation.

“We got into an argument, I grabbed his phone, and he was wrestling it out of my hand. And this is the first time that I’ve ever said this. Because you know what, I got inspired by #MegTheeStallion. I been holding on to this six, for five years, almost five years, four years,” said Jordan on #FoxSoul show “Cocktails with Queens.” And he body-slammed me into a toilet, broke it in half, and it cracked the porcelain, and the water went everywhere.”

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