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Cleveland Rapper Q Money Arrested On Murder Charge

Cleveland’s very own talent has found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly committing a murder. 

Dekalb County police spokesman Sgt. J.D. Spencer announced Q Money, or Qmara Williams, was arrested and charged on accusations of killing a fellow rapper in Georgia. The victim is also from Cleveland but remains unidentified. Police reports say the incident happened inside the victim’s cousin’s Decatur home at 8:30 a.m on Monday.

Witnesses in the home told authorities they heard a gunshot and ran downstairs. They were surprised to see the 23-year-old standing over the body of the 24-year-old victim with a shot to the right side of his head. When he asked Qamar what happened, he replied stuttering “I.”

Two other men approached the area from upstairs, took Williams’ gun, and pushed him out of the house before locking the door.

It’s believed the two men knew each other. Surveillance cameras were equipped in the home, but there’s no confirmation on if they will be used in the investigation.

The “Neat” rapper’s criminal history only consists of a drug trafficking conviction. However, this isn’t the Warner Bros. Records artist’s first run-in with violence. Gunfire erupted injuring many and killing one at a shoot for his first video after signing to Think It’s A Game Records. Williams wasn’t tied to that particular incident but apologized to the victims. He also, ironically, made a point to not use prop guns in videos.

q money arrested
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