Clubhouse Denies That Data From Its 1.3 Million Users Was Hacked

Audio-based platform Clubhouse was rumored to be the latest subject of a data breach, but the company is denying it was hacked. It was initially reported by Cyber News that the data of the platforms 1.3 million users was posted to a hacker forum for free.

Clubhouse called the rumors “misleading and false” and in a statement. Although the data was not “breached or hacked,” the social media platform said it is all public profile information that anyone can access via the app or their API. While it’s good that Clubhouse didn’t get hacked, it should concern users that all of their information is so easily accessible.  

It was recently discovered that information from 533 million Facebook users was added to a hacking forum for free. The info revealed reportedly included users’ phone numbers, birthdates, locations, email addresses, and full names.

And last week, it was reported that data from 500 million LinkedIn users had been scraped and posted online. The company said that no private member account information was included in the breach.

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