Colombian Woman Swallows $7000 To Hide It From Her Husband

Colombian Woman Swallows $7000 To Hide It From Her Husband


In what doctors called an “act of desperation,” a 30-year-old Colombian woman swallowed $7000 in American $100 bills – all to keep the money away from her husband.


Apparently,  the woman obtained the funds by selling a bunch of electronics from their house and had been saving the money for a couple’s vacation. However, a fight between the two caused her to reconsider.


Doctors were able to surgically remove 57 $100 dollar bills from her stomach and intestines, and it seems that most of the money is still usable. Unfortunately, the remaining hundreds will have to be passed the old fashioned way.


Although the situation seems a little suspicious, it doesn’t look like the money had to do with any illicit activity. The rolls of hundreds weren’t wrapped up or packaged in any way before she swallowed them,  so doctors believe it was just the actions of a stubborn woman in the heat of the moment.

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