Michael Close and Isabella Thallas,
Michael Close and Isabella Thallas,

Colorado Man Fatally Shoots Woman Because Her Dog Pooped Too Close To His Apartment; Claims Insanity In Not Guilty Plea

A Colorado man has been accused of killing a woman after the two fought over dog feces.

Michael Close, 37, has pleaded not guilty and is claiming insanity after being accused of fatally shooting a 21-year-old woman last summer, People reports.

According to the outlet, the woman, Isabella Thallas, was walking her dog with her boyfriend last year on June 10 when Close shot her to death. She’d just turned 21 two days before the incident. The woman’s boyfriend, Darian Simon, was also shot during the altercation. The shooting happened in the Ballpark neighborhood of Denver.

This week, Close appeared via video conference where he entered his not guilty plea because of insanity. The insanity defense was invoked in Denver District Court Monday. The man now faces charges including first-degree murder and multiple counts of possessing a prohibited large-capacity gun magazine.

People reports a judge has ordered an examination of Close’s sanity. The shooting reportedly happened after Close became angry that Thallas’ dog was pooping close to his apartment window. That’s when Close took an AK-47 registered to a Denver Police officer and shot her. The gun belonged to an officer who is close friends with Close. Thallas’ mother, Ana, says Close’s insanity claim is “absolutely disgusting.”

She added: “I’m furious. I’m so furious…What upsets me the most is the fact he knew right from wrong. He admitted to what he did, he even showed a sense of remorse after he did it…If someone knows right from wrong and that they screwed up, how is that insanity?”

The outlet reports that Close’s trial is set for September, and his pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 10. For the time being, Close is still in custody.


Michael Close and Isabella Thallas,
Michael Close and Isabella Thallas

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