Colorado Secretary Of State Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against The USPS Over’ Confusing’ Postcards About Voting

On Friday, Colorado’s Secretary of State accused the USPS of sending inaccurate information regarding absentee voting in a postcard sent to all American households.

Democrat Jena Griswold tweeted out against the mailing, calling the information “confusing.”

“I just found out the @USPS is sending this postcard to every household and PO Box in the nation,” the tweet read. “For states like Colorado, where we sent ballots to all voters, the information is not just confusing, it’s WRONG.”

The USPS mailer advises voters to request their mail-in ballot at least 15 days before the election, and while it does advise to check rules and regulations in the state in which you are voting, it is not required to request a ballot in all states. Ballots are automatically mailed to registered voters in some states, including Colorado, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and Vermont, according to Business Insider.

On Saturday, the Secretary of State filed a lawsuit and temporary restraining order against the USPS. The restraining order was granted, and the postcards will not be going out to Colorado residents.

“BREAKING: Temporary restraining order granted. The @USPS must stop sending misinformation to Colorado voters,” Griswold tweeted.

“The main message of the mail-piece is that voters should plan ahead, educate themselves about voting options available in their jurisdiction, and if they choose to vote by mail, to give themselves enough time to receive, complete and return their ballot,” a USPS spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement. “We specifically encourage voters to visit their local election board website and provide a link for this purpose.”

“The Postal Service recognizes that not every state requires a voter to request a ballot in order to obtain one by mail for the November election,” he continued. “The Postal Service’s guidance remains that individuals need to understand their state’s rules and deadlines, and to plan ahead.”

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