University of Colorado’s Travis Hunter Expected to be Out for a Few Weeks Following Game Day Injury [Video]

University of Colorado’s Travis Hunter Expected to be Out for a Few Weeks Following Game Day Injury [Video]

Colorado coach Deion Sanders expects team star Travis Hunter to miss some games following his undisclosed injury.

Hunter, a two-way player as both wide receiver and cornerback, took a violent hit during the Buffaloes’ 43-35 win Saturday against rival Colorado State.

“The first thing I heard is that he would be out for a few weeks,” Sanders said during the postgame press conference. “I heard that for sure. But we will do what we must to take care of him. I know Travis probably will want to be out for two weeks. But we got to make sure he is OK. His health is more important than this game.”

Hunter took a hard blow by Colorado State safety Henry Blackburn during the first quarter of the game, CBS Sports reported. He stayed down on the field and received assistance from the team’s trainers. Hunter was able to return to the game in the second quarter but then left for good.

Blackburn received an unnecessary roughness penalty.

Notably, it hasn’t been confirmed if Hunter’s departure was due to the hit from Blackburn.

Hunter has been a key player for the team that now has three games under its belt. He joined CU with head coach Deion Sanders from Jackson State.

Hunter ranked as the No. 1 overall prospect in the Class of 2022. His decision to go with Jackson State over Florida State stunned the sport of college football. He has since formed a bond with Sanders, who was also a two-way football player.

“The bad thing about losing Travis, is you lose such a crucial piece of our team,” Colorado safety Shilo Sanders said after the victory. “He’s on offense and defense so it’s like you’re losing two players in one so that was pretty rough.”

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