A Colorado Woman Was Kidnapped And Waterboarded For “Snitching”

A Colorado Woman Was Kidnapped And Waterboarded For “Snitching”

According to an arrest report obtained by local news, a Colorado woman was kidnapped and waterboarded by seven suspects for “snitching.”

The seven suspects were arrested this month for the victim’s alleged kidnapping, torture, and attempted murder. The victim’s name has not been released.

The investigation started back in August 2017 when the victim fled from the suspects and broke into a home nearby. Rocky Ford, Colorado Police were called for a burglary in progress and discovered the victim “crying, naked, and appeared to be very recently drenched with water.”

The victim told the police she was kidnapped, tied up, blindfolded, and thrown into a trunk by five people. She also said she was tied up in a doorway and burned with a hot curling iron.

She found a latch on the inside of the trunk and was able to break free by jumping out the trunk of the moving vehicle. She tried to flag down another driver but was struck down by the driver in the process.

The victim ended up breaking into a nearby home and called the authorities. A witness reportedly told law enforcement they failed to report the crime in progress because they were “afraid of being shot.”

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