Comedian Druski Falls Down Steps On Stage, Immediately Cracks Jokes On Himself [Video]

Comedian Druski Falls Down Steps On Stage, Immediately Cracks Jokes On Himself [Video]

As a comedian, Druski is known for cracking jokes. But a recent fall during an event made him the brunt of his own jokes as he made light of the situation.

Druski posted a clip of the fall to Twitter on Saturday, where he made light of the situation. 

“Broke my damn Ankle chasing that White Chocolate,” he captioned the video with some snowflake and laughing-crying emojis.

During a recent show, the comedian was distracted by a woman walking across the stage. As he attempts to walk down a set of stairs, the stairs fall out from under him, and he tumbles to the ground. 

Druski lays facedown on the ground for a couple of seconds, and the woman walks back toward him and begins twerking. Druski picks himself up and immediately starts cracking jokes about the incident.

“B*tch, I almost just twisted my ankle,” he says as he gets up. “Y’all ain’t gonna do this sh*t. You see what I’ll do for that white p*ssy?”

The crowd busts out in laughter. “If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going,” Druski jokes.

Druski then turns to a security guard and questions why he didn’t save him from falling. 

“And what the f*ck you doing?” he asks. “You ain’t catch me, n*gga.”

The security guard manages to stay straight-faced while the crowd continues laughing.

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