Comedians Come To Tiffany Haddish’s Defense After “Terrible” Comedy Show In Miami

It hasn’t been the best start of the year for comedian Tiffany Haddish who bombed her stand-up set in Miami on NYE. Guests described the show as being so “terrible” they decided to walk out. Now Haddish’s comedy friends are coming to her defense.

What first started as a night of jokes and laughter turned into drinks with fans after Haddish choked on stage at her comedy show. While Haddish was embarrassed, she made sure to address what happened. Haddish retweeted an article from The Root and included a note saying, “Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami,” Haddish tweeted. “I prayed on it, and I have a strong feeling this will never happen again.”

Many fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment saying, “Tiffany Haddish…stand up tonight in Miami was horrible…omg.” Even though Haddish faced several critics, she also had numerous supporters. One Twitter user wrote, “We have to do better. Tiffany Haddish had a bad night in Miami, and people are trashing her. How many of us had bad days at work and didn’t get fired? I’ll wait… #TiffanyHaddish.” Other funny people like #ChrissyTeigen shared her own embarrassing NYE story when walking into an umbrella on live tv. “I bombed last night too, and all I had to do was read a prompter, and also I lost an eyeball. Fuck it we good, and you are a queen,” Teigen wrote.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Fellow comedian #KathyGriffin shared how there’s no comic that doesn’t have a bad night. “This is the price of fame when you’re a comic. I was so lucky that there wasn’t a Snapchat/IG when I was starting out on my first big tour.  No REAL comic never bombs. You are a hilarious, incredible talent @TiffanyHaddish and I can’t wait to see you live! Ignore the haters!”

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