That's Baller: Design Company Creates Concept for Yacht That Can Fly and Sail

That’s Baller: Design Company Creates Concept for Yacht That Can Fly and Sail

Rome-based design company Lazzarini Design Studio has created a concept for a superyacht that can sail across waters as well as the sky.

Earlier this month, renderings of the Air Yacht debuted for the first time. The structure is decked out with two blimps that are filled with compressed helium, which allow it to stay lifted in the sky for more than 48 hours at a time “without emissions,” the design team says, CNN Travel reports. The superyacht is also designed to sail “quietly” in the water using its “inflatable basements.”

“The Air-Yacht is pushed down from the rotation of the engines and can stand in the water through a depressurization of helium and ballast anchor system,” says Lazzarini. Ultralight batteries power the yacht’s identical blimps and they contain 400,000 cubic meters of helium, the news outlet reports.

The yacht, which also features a 262-foot-long master suite, can comfortably carry 10 passengers. And if they want to see one another, they have four bridges that allow them to access the other side of the vessel.

The ship-plane cost a whopping $621 million. Lazzarini is currently looking for investors; they say the vessel will take about five years to make. “We are currently seeking investors and partners able to fund the project in order to speed up the process,” a spokesperson for Lazzarini told CNN Travel.

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