Company Looking to Pay Someone $42,000 a Year to Smoke Weed

Company Looking to Pay Someone $42,000 a Year to Smoke Weed

Vaped is looking for a remote vaporizer tester. The company is offering $42,000 a year, $250 a month expense account, and three weeks of vacation time.

“I need someone who is confident to take over reviews, someone who knows the difference between a Volcano and an Xmax Starry. Who understands what each customer is looking for,” Christian Sculthorp, Founder of Vaped and Cozy Cannabis, said.

The company is accepting applications through the end of April. Even if you do not live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can still apply.


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  1. How do i apply

  2. How do I apply

  3. How do I apply

  4. How do I apply

  5. anyone find a way to apply? lol

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    How do I apply?

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    I’m ready to sign up

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    How do I apply sign me right now I’m ready

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    How do I apply

  10. Exactly , there is no place to assist toward the application part. Is this a scam !?

  11. How do I apply

  12. How does anyone apply

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