Complaint Accuses Ex-Texans GM Brian Gaine Of “Targeting” Black Employees By Firing Them

A former Texans security coordinator filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that the former general manager Brian Gaine targeted African American employees for termination throughout his tenure with the organization. 

In a copy of the discrimination complaint obtained by USA today Jeff Pope, the former security coordinator wrote, “It appeared, and I believe, that he was targeting all minorities in leadership positions and was set to replace them with non-African-Americans. Which he did.” 

Pope was told that the team would be dismissing him on May 8, because he didn’t have a background in law-enforcement which he also noted in his complaint.

Gaine was fired last week after being hired by the Texans in January of 2018, but the team is claiming that his dismissal was not in any way related to Pope’s allegations. 

Pope, who is African American, said he and other employees of the same race were purposely “being singled out/targeted.” 

“In short, every African American in the building understood that not too many of us could congregate or be seen interacting with each other even during lunch because it did not look good to the powers that be,” Pope wrote in his complaint, according to USA Today. “I believe I was discriminated against and terminated on the basis of my race and color.”

Pope’s legal team said they tried to negotiate a fair severance package with the Texans, but the team has declined.

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