Con Man Pretending To Be Bruno Mars Scams Woman Out Of $100K

Authorities say a woman in Texas was scammed out of $100,000 after falling in love with someone pretending to be Bruno Mars.

According to CBS News, the woman claims she had an online relationship with the imposter she thought was Mars, who communicated with her on Instagram.

The fake Bruno Mars convinced his lover he needed help with touring expenses, and court documents revealed that she actually believed he would quit his tour to be with her.

Prosecutors say these types of scams are very common and explained how people are so easily conned.

“They’re not stupid people, these scammers. They are very much sophisticated con artists,” Houston County Asst. District Attorney Keith Houston said.

Authorities said they arrested two Houston men that the scammer allegedly recruited to help assist with opening bank accounts to deposit the victim’s money.

The actual scammer is believed to be somewhere overseas and authorities fear that he or she may never be brought to justice.


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