Concierge in Paris Robbery Shares a Different Story Than Kim Kardashian

Pic Via Entertainment Tonight

The concierge that was present during the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery is speaking out.

The robbery has raised a lot of eyebrows and even more questions. The stories told by the involved parties are reportedly conflicting. More specifically, according to TMZ, the concierge’s story is different than Kim’s story.

If you recall, reports state, the concierge, who requests to be identified as Abdulrahman, led the robbers to the reality star’s apartment, during the robbery. Since then, he has made an appearance on “Entertainment Tonight” to reveal new information regarding the incident.

Apparently, he says the thieves never asked for Kim’s ring or jewelry, but for “l’argent,” which is French for money. According to TMZ, Kim was specific with Paris officials, saying the robbers spoke French but, the one word she could make out was, “ring.”

Sources say the concierge has been trying to sell his contradicting story for thousands of dollars.

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